Melynda Berryman

I joined It Works a few years ago to help with my weight, as I had just turned forty and my metabolism was slowing down. Add in a little stress from health challenges and the combination is not a good one. I had recently been diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition, along with two of my four children. I had also been taking care of my mother who was sick with cancer at the time as well, and soon after lost her battle. I was losing the battle of the bulge! I had used the Ultimate Body Applicator for a couple of years and LOVED the results I had acheived from them, but it wasn't until I started taking the supplements that this business got into my heart! I had not felt this good in at least 5 years! I had more energy and enthusiasm about life than I had in a long time, which then movitated me to share these products with others who may be going through the same things. With mounting medical bills and a waining economy, the income potential of this business was a bonus! I am proud to be an It Works distributor and have had success in helping others acheive their goals of weight loss and financial independence as well. I look forward to helping you do the same! Please contact me to start your business TODAY!

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